Rivateus Tattoo Studio


Preferred Tattoo Style

I specialize in portraits, it can be color realistic or black and grey.

I will happily tattoo you your pets, favorite movie/game characters, musicians, album covers.

My preferred work style is Surrealistic Portraits in Opaque Grey & Black with a dash of Color, for me to work in my style i ask for complete artistic freedom and a lot of courage.

Cost Of The Tattoo

My hourly rate is 100$.

Full day projects capped at 600$.

Full day sessions are 8 hours maximum.

Projects that will take more than 1 session is open to discussion.

Special discounts might apply to those who give me complete artistic freedom.

Cover-ups are rated differently depending on the project.

Deposits & Cancellations

100$ deposit is minimum.

Deposit price scales with the project size, deposits are non refundable.

I will reschedule you if you give me notice at least 48 hours before the appointment, you do not have to present me a reason for rescheduling, life happens.

You can reschedule once before you forfeit your deposit.

Artistic Freedom

When it comes to my projects, I value the trust and creative freedom in the design process.

If you’re ok with giving me ‘artistic freedom’, I will incorporate your initial idea, using my expertise to craft an exceptional tattoo in my own style. Be aware, this means your direct influence on the design will be limited.

Throughout the design process, I consider factors like your skin type, the adaptability of designs to skin, placement, sizing, and the long-term aesthetics.

I kindly request you keep an open mind with the design and tattooing process as I only want to do my best work, and having this trust really helps to create a successful tattoo.

A change of mind when we are in the middle of the project might lead to canceling or rescheduling, depending on timing. Minor design tweaks are maybe doable, but difficulty reaching an agreement post ‘artistic freedom’ might result in rescheduling or cancellation.

I seek your courage and trust to bring forth the best work I’ve ever done.

Color Realism Info

Realism tattoos with color are a bit time-consuming since they involve multiple layers and details. Opting for a larger size is essential to capture all the intricacies and ensure the tattoo ages well.

I’m committed to producing my best work and that requires patience. I work meticulously and very carefully.

During the design phase, I’ll guide you on the best size, taking your preferences and the design complexity into account. If you have specific size preferences, just mention them in the booking form for a personalized design.


Where Are You?

I work at my own studio at Izmir / Turkiye

My studio is located on the main street of Alsancak and easy to access by train, tram, bus, metro and ferry.

How Can I Book?

I do not prefer using too much automation so I only ask of you to fill out my information form throughly for an effective start to our conversation.

If I have the free time in my schedule and an interest in your idea, I will reach out to you via Whatsapp.

How To Prepare?

Prepare your skin by moisturizing at least two weeks before your session. The better the condition of your skin, the less discomfort you’ll experience, and the more favorable the results will be.

Avoid sun exposure! Sun damage is permanent and can impact the outcome of your tattoo, especially for color realism tattoos. Tattooing on sunburned skin is not possible until it’s fully healed.

Effective healing comes from good health! Prior to your appointment, ensure you get ample rest, maintain a healthy diet, and stay hydrated. Detox from alcohol and recreational substances one week before your tattoo for the best results.

Do not get tattooed if you’re sick or recovering from surgery, injury, or illness, as it may affect your healing process. Please inform me of any medical conditions or allergies.

After submitting a form, you’ll receive preparation and aftercare information. It’s essential to read it before finalizing your booking date.

What To Bring?

Wear comfortable clothes, that you don’t mind getting stained, wear or bring a black shirt without sleeves.

Ensure you have plenty of food, not just snacks but real sustenance. Make sure to get a good breakfast before the process. Regular eating throughout the day is crucial to replenish the energy expended during the tattooing process, preventing crashes or feeling unwell.

You will endure pain, so keep this in mind and prepare yourself mentally.

Bring some entertainment – a book, tablet, and headphones can make a significant difference. While I’m always up for a chat, you don’t have to engage with me constantly. Do whatever you need to make yourself comfortable and get through the session.

How Long Will It Take?

Every project with every client is unique, and various factors come into play, making it challenging to provide an accurate timeframe in advance. Your style choice, sizing, level of detail, placement, your comfort during the session, and how your skin accepts ink all contribute to the overall time required.

Once I have your booking request form, I can offer a rough estimate of the time needed for your tattoo. However, please understand that this estimate is variable.

On your booking date, it’s important not to have other commitments, as extra time is typically spent discussing details, preparing, taking breaks, and wrapping up at the end. Having flexibility in your schedule without time pressure ensures the best outcome for your tattoo session.

Can I Get Tattooed If...?

Absolutely no tattoos if you’re currently on blood thinners, roaccutane/accutane, acne medication, tetracycline medications, or any antibiotics. 3-6 month hiatus is required after stopping roaccutane/accutane.

Steer clear of getting tattooed if you’re pregnant or immunocompromised.

Disclose any chronic skin conditions during the booking process, especially if they’re in the immediate tattoo area, as they may lead to complications.

Strictly 18 and above for tattoos.

Numbing Cream?

Using numbing cream tends to create more issues than solutions, and in all my experiences, clients have rarely found it beneficial by the end of the session.

In essence, most brands offer relief for about an hour, and then the discomfort intensifies, often worse than if no numbing cream was used initially. Additionally, tattooing over numbed skin typically takes longer and can lead to healing complications.

If you adhere to the preparation guidelines for your tattoo, I assure you it will significantly enhance your comfort during the process. Distraction proves to be the most effective natural pain reliever, coupled with breathing exercises to soothe the body.

Remember, you will forget the pain you have endured, but your tattoo will stay with you for a lifetime.


I thrive in doing cover-ups, they are always a challenge!

Some of my proudest work are cover-ups.

You have to keep in mind that every cover-up is different and even if we cover-up your old tattoo, the end result might not exactly what you expected it to be.

Talk to me if you need a tattoo covered up, most of the time I can offer a solution!

What Tools You Use?

I exclusively use Cheyenne Tattoo Equipment’s machines and cartridges, everything they produce is designed and made in Berlin/Germany and is up to EU standarts/code.

As for the inks, i use Dynamic for black & white(made in USA), mainly Eternal ink(also made in USA) for color and World Famous & Radiant Colors Ink for the greys & some more colors (Made in USA)

I stay away from every product that is not quality tested/vetted by myself and other reputable artists.

And yes the inks are of course vegan.